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At times, there are resources that become available following a professional development session. When available, those resources for both members and non-members will be posted here. Please check back for updates.  Also listed below are suggested books.

Articles shared at the SSAAM Conference April 27, 2018 with permission of Michael F. Giangreco:

Michael F. Giangreco's PowerPoint - April 2018

Guidelines for Selecting Alternatives to Overreliance on Paraprofessionals

Roles of Team Members Supporting Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms

Guidelines for Selecting Alternatives to Overreliance on araprofessionals: Field-Testing in Inclusion-Oriented Schools

Constructively Responding to Requests for Paraprofessionals: We Keep Asking the Wrong Questions

Teacher Assistant Supports in Inclusive Schools: Research, Practices and Alternatives

The Golden Rule of Providing Support in Inclusive Classrooms: Support Others as You Would Wish to Be Supported

Precarious or Purposeful?  Proactively Building Inclusive Special Education Service Delivery on Solid Ground

When an Aide Really Becomes an Aid Providing Professional Development for Special Education Paraprofessionals

Suggested Books

Best, Marnie, Corcoran, Tim & Slee, Roger (2018).  Who's in?  Who's out? (studies in inclusive education). Netherlands:  Brill.

Prizant, B. M., & Fields-Meyer, T. (2015). Uniquely human: A different way of seeing autism. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Perry, B. D., & Szalavitz, M. (2008). The boy who was raised as a dog: And other stories from a child psychiatrist's notebook : what traumatized children can teach us about loss, love, and healing. New York: Basic Books.

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