Revised: April 2017

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Student Services Administrators’ Association of Manitoba, herein after referred to as SSAAM.

Article II – Mission Statement and Actions

Section II.1 Mission Statement

SSAAM is committed to providing provincial leadership and informed advocacy to support appropriate educational programming for all students.

Section II.2 Actions

SSAAM accomplishes this mission through the implementation and expansion of:

Article III – Membership

Section III.1 Active Membership

1) Active membership is open to public educators who have divisional responsibilities and whose primary duties:

2) Active membership, upon payment of the annual membership dues and applicable regional dues entitles members:

Section III.2 Associate Membership

1) Associate membership is open to:

2) Employees of Manitoba Education and Training

3) Associate membership, upon payment of the Provincial membership dues and applicable regional fees entitles members:

Section III.3 Honorary Life Membership

1) Honorary life membership in SSAAM may be granted to persons under the following conditions:

2) Honorary life members of SSAAM shall:

3) Procedures:

Section III.4 Regional Member Organizations

1) The provincial organization serves its members in six regions: Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine, Metro Winnipeg, Northern, South Central, South East Interlake, Westman/Parkland.

2) Regions shall follow the constitution of Provincial SSAAM.

3) Regions are required to hold one or more General Regional Meetings each year. Some regions may choose to hold their meetings jointly.

4) Each region is entitled to appoint one Active member as their representative to the Provincial Committee.

5) When regional representatives are absent, a written report is required.  Alternate representation is not permitted at the provincial table.

6)  The regional representative to Provincial Committee will bring forth the provincial SSAAM membership on an annual basis to the regional table.

7) Active and Associate members may attend regional meetings.

Section III.5 Membership Year

The membership year shall follow the school year.

Section III.6 Membership Dues

1) The Provincial Committee shall set the membership dues annually.

2) Dues for associate members of SSAAM shall be less than for active members.

Article IV – Awards

Section IV.1 SSAAM Certificate of Recognition

1) Conditions:

2) Recipients of a SSAAM Certificate of Recognition shall:

3) Procedures:

Section IV.2 Honorary Life Membership

See Article III Section III.3.

Section IV.3 SSAAM Certificate of Merit

1) Conditions:

2) Recipients of a SSAAM Certificate of Merit shall:

3) Procedures:


Article V – Officers

Section V.1 Condition of Office

1) The general membership of the Student Services Administrators’ Association of Manitoba (SSAAM) shall provide for a representative Provincial Committee selected by systematic and democratic procedures that is granted appropriate authority to carry out their responsibilities.

2) Provincial officers must hold an Active membership at the time of their nomination, election or appointment and must remain so throughout the duration of their term of office.

Section V.2 Provincial Committee

The Provincial Committee of SSAAM shall consist of:

Section V.3 Term of Office

1) All elected officers shall serve a one-year term, shall assume office at the close of the annual meeting, and shall continue until the close of the next annual meeting.

2) All appointed representatives shall serve a term determined by the appointing organization.

Section V.4 Vacancy of Offices

1) In case of vacancy occurring in the office of the President, the First Vice-President shall assume the office of President. In case of vacancy occurring in the office of the First. Vice-President, the Second Vice-President shall assume the office of First Vice-President.

2) In case of vacancy occurring in any other Provincial Executive positions the President, with the approval of the Provincial Executive, shall appoint a temporary replacement to serve until the next annual general meeting of SSAAM.

3) A vacancy of the Provincial Committee shall occur when a Committee member has missed three meetings, or has tendered their resignation within a term of office.  Removal of the Committee member due to non-attendance requires at 2/3 vote of the Provincial Committee.

Section V.5 Duties of Provincial Committee, Provincial Executive Officers, and Provincial Table Officers

1) The President:

2) The First Vice-President:

3) The Second Vice-President:

4) The Secretary:

5) The Treasurer:

6) The Immediate Past President:

7) The Second Past President:

8) Public Relations/Communications Chairperson:

9) Professional Development Chairperson:

10) Advocacy and Public Policy Chairperson:

11) Historian/Archivist:

12) Regional/Organizational Representatives:

13) Executive Assistant

Under the direction of the SSAAM Executive, the Executive Assistant has the general responsibility of organizing the affairs of the Student Services Administrators' Association of Manitoba (SSAAM).

The Executive Assistant:


Article VI - Duties of Provincial Committee, Provincial Executive and Table Officers

Section VI.1 Provincial Committee

Section VI.2 Provincial Executive

The Provincial Executive shall meet at the call of the President in case of emergency.

Section VI.3 Provincial Table Officers

The Provincial Table Officers shall meet at the request of the president or as needed to advise the operations of the Provincial Executive and to oversee the implementation of Provincial Committee goals. In case of emergency, it shall act upon matters of business that may arise between Provincial Committee meetings.

Section VI.4 Quorum

A quorum for both Provincial Committee and Provincial Executive shall be six Provincial Committee members (or a majority of the Provincial Committee should vacancies occur).


Section VI.5 Signing Authority

 The signing authority for Provincial SSAAM will be any two fo the following:  President, Treasurer, Professional Development Chairperson or other Executive Member appointed by the Provincial Executive Committee.


Article VII - Annual General Meeting

Section VII.1

The annual meeting of the Association shall take place between April 1 and June 30 of any given year. Provision can be made by executive motion for the annual meeting to take place outside of these days.

At each general meeting of SSAAM the agenda will include:

Section VII.2

A quorum for the annual meeting of the Association shall be 19 active members.

Article VIII - Parliamentary Procedures

The rules contained in Roberts’ Parliamentary Law and the latest edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order, Revised shall govern SSAAM in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the articles of this Constitution.

Article IX - Amendments of the Constitution

This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at a general meeting, providing the membership has been notified at least two weeks prior to the general meeting of intention for revision.